Cyber-Net Services are a Warrington website design agency. We have watched the website design industry change over the last few years and have adapted to survive the highly competitive industry. One of the biggest shake ups of the industry came with the rapid rise in popularity of the Content Management System (CMS). Three industry leaders being WordPress, Joomla and Drupal which are all Free to use website systems that can be help you get online quickly. The CMS changed three key elements in the website design industry:

  • The way in which website design agencies developed their websites
  • Low cost website design agencies popping up
  • Client expectations on updating their own websites


Low cost website design agencies …..are they the right choice ?

A pre-built CMS system allow the creation of websites literally in minutes. Yep, you can install the CMS System throw in a theme and away you go – your website is ready and all you need to do is change the text and image and the website is your own. These developments have resulted in many web design agencies offering extremely low costs that usually ends up up in poor customer service. More recently, website design agencies are advertising the ability to “build your own website” at very tempting and impressive prices. Although these costs are incredibly competitive for website design agencies to compete with, CMS template and low cost agencies do not offer that support and customer relationship you need and it certainly doesnt provide you with a custom brand identity. View our website design portfolio to see some of our bespoke website designs and happy customers.

In the past, a website design agency would design, develop and update a website for a client.

When the client wanted an update on their website regardless of size, they would have to come back to the web design agency. Even if the client wanted to change a spelling mistake, the website design company or website developer would have to complete the update for them. This would often put the client in a sticky situation and the web developers would know that the client would be very unlikely to go elsewhere, so they could charge what they wanted. At the same time, the client would hold off small updates so they did not incur charges. These days, things are different where clients can log into their website CMS control panel and update content themselves within a few clicks. If the site is built correctly with the right CMS, they can update text, images, menu items, video embeds and more giving the client so much more control over their content. Although this sounds brilliant and indeed it is a big step forward in website design technology, it does have its issues such as client not having correct size images, disruption of onsite SEO that will affect Search Engine Positioning if not done correctly.

In conclusion, website design has changed massively over the decade, especially with the introduction of the CMS. Here at Cyber-Net Services we can advise on different CMS Systems and whether you need one that is readily available or a custom built solution.